Play Domain

The PLAY domain of innovation describes the initial phase of exploratory engagement and foundations to innovation attribute and prowess expectations in technacy development. PLAY capability is relative to the dominant Technology Type and/or applied context being learned. Thus, Play in on Genre will reveal expectations differently to the others.

Progression along the PLAY domain from the EMERGENT-PLAY to the COMPETENT-PLAY and SOPHISTICATED-PLAY expects the learner to initially explore and experience the behaviour and aesthetics of digital or resistant materials, devices and processes: the purpose of the task or project context is rarely perceived as driving the activity in the early emergent phase.

The learner is expected to later demonstrate competent and effective expression of ideas in a simulated form (graphics or physical models etc). A very high performing form of play occurs at the Sophisticated phase where accurate abstraction and design are well articulated to the scale and scope of the brief often involving scenarios and simulations.

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