Cross cultural technacy research

This internationally peer reviewed book chapter discussed the link between culture, technology and values. Publisher is UNESCO, Springer.

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Research Journals

Australia's University sector has ranked all known and registered research journals world wide; in 2010 the ERA ranked 20,712 journals. There are no Australian journals ranked for Design and Technology (D&T) Education, and world wide there are no A* (A-Star top ranking) research journals either. The D&T field does have a few journals of note. This subject area is in need of both more research journals being listed, as well as more ranked in the A and A* top tier classification of scholarship if the future of the subject is to be secured.

Please bookmark these few research journals listed below, and lobby your professional associations to both create and rank more in D&T world wide, as well as to proactively invest in PhD graduate programs that target D&T education research. Rank A* (0x): Globally, there are no top tier quality Research Journals in Design and Technology Education.
Rank A (1x): International Journal of Technology and Design Education (Rank in 2009 was 'A*', in 2010 dropped to 'A')
Rank B (2x)Journal of Technology Education (Rank in 2009 'A', by 2010 dropped to 'B'); and, theJournal of Design and Technology Education

Research Conference

In 2010, the ERA could not identify to minimum research standards any research conferences in Design and Technology Education Research. This is another issue that ought be raised as a concern by all in this profession. However, a few D&T Research Conferences worthy of professional engagement include:

Australian: Technology Education Research Conference (TERCInternational: PATT/CRIPT; Technological Learning & Thinking (TLT) at UBC; North American Links not oriented to D&T Research but focussed on STEM is ITEEA.

Professional Events/Associations of Note (Australia)

Design and Technology Teachers Association Victoria (DATTA-Vic)
Design and Technology Teachers Association Australia (DATTA-Oz)